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The country India in the language hindi. Named after a king called Bharat, the first to rule over most of the indian subcontinent. Also see shakuntala.
Mera bharat mahaan. ((My)India is great)
by gravz March 06, 2006
Word meaning India. Also used as a male indian name. People named "Bharat" are the nicest, coolest, hippest and freshest people you'll ever meet. Having impeccable taste in movies, music, TV shows, books and comics, Bharats are excellent people to get to know. Also, all Bharats hate hypocrisy and ignorance. They also love their moms.
"Yo Bharat! B-Rat! SuP? Ken u tEll mE s0me o ur fAv sh0w5?"
"Good Bye.."


*Shot in the head*
"You're welcome, world."
by Bob Dy.L.A.N April 01, 2013
Original name for India. The name was derived from the ancient ruler Bharath who ruled India in the mythical times
Bharat will surge into an economically powerful nation in the near future
by BJacob October 11, 2006
common middle name.
can be pronounced as "borat" but with a "bha" instead of a "bo"
whats your middle name?


how do you pronounce it?

Borat..but with a BHA instead of a BO
by suppb March 01, 2009
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