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a dirty little annoying n00b

known for overfapping ending in tradgedy (death of small animals)

known to close friends simply as chichi to remind him of his constant penchant for murdering kittens
is chichi the dirty little anoying n00b who fapped into his kittens food bowl killing it instantly?
by anonymous July 13, 2003
5 21
Nickname for one who wets bed - meaning bladder hostility
"Remember when B.H. wet the bed at my 13th birthday party?"
"Yes, I do remember when B.H. we the bed at your 13th birthday party. Heh heh heh."
by ~Bun~ August 16, 2009
38 19
Big Hugs

B = (big) H = (hugs)
Person A - Hi
Person B - Hi,bh
Person A - awwwwwww, bh to you too
by Anonymous12358 June 26, 2007
70 56
"Bitch Hypocrite" Also known as Brenda's blood type and replacement for ph level in her body.
Geeze somebody buy some new deodarant for Brenda because her BH level is through the roof!!!
by LGZeey June 27, 2009
17 9
Best Hommies
you are with a friend or a girl friend and before you separate you say BH meaning we best hommies or best friends
by psyki April 16, 2009
16 9
Acronym for Butt Hurt
My boyfriend gets all BH when I won't let him stick it in my ass
by AnalTease February 09, 2010
35 31
Bobble-head. Racial term used to refer to people of Asian descent. When they cannot understand English language all they do is bob or nod their heads. Usually accompanied by a smile and strange look.
Look at that BH, he doesnt know what your talking about!
by Shawny d June 15, 2009
25 22
BH stands for Boobholder.

Also known as a bra, which is what women wear to hold their breast in place.
Woman 1: That BH is very nice!

Woman 2: You should totally buy it! It will look so good on your breasts!
by N.Jay November 17, 2013
2 0