An acronym for "Bald Gangsta." This term is used to refer to the cholo type hispanic gangsta.
by KatieKaboom and aunt jeMAIma September 21, 2003
word used for anything AMAZING/GREAT/FUSLA/COOL etc.
AkA- Bin ga7ba
Damn! That "FUSLA" was B.G !!!
by LouLz August 21, 2004
bubble guts
i got the b.g. in the new school
by h-town pimp July 16, 2003
BG stands the the saying "Big Gay" or really gay.
That math test is going to be BG
by Sizz Kid April 20, 2006
You have the "Bubble Gutts"
When you have to use the bathroom really bad and your stomach is boiling and bubbling. Not to mention you are probably doing alot of farting.

First Dude: "I don't know about those eggs dawg, I think they gave me the B G"
First Dude: {farts and it rolls out his butt}
Second Dude: "Damn player what's wrong with yo a$$?"
by MrMmmm December 15, 2005
B G is the letter definition for a Black Girl. When the term BG was created, it spawned such terms as

IG, CG, PG, and DUB.
B G was the founder word, that started it all.

B G is used as the short form for a sexy black girl.
Look at that BG...would you bang?

answer: yessssss of course...dont ask me thatt!
by HT July 22, 2004
B G stands for Blonde Girl. Blonde girls are an entity all their own, superior to all other females. Phenomenal BGs are BGs with tan bodies, huge breasts, tight asses, and girls you walk by and just want to do right then and there.
P: Damn, did you see that phenomenal B G??

A: Yeah bro, I'm bout to tap that...
by Playa MC March 04, 2006

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