male who has spikey hair usually taller than an inch and wears flannels
That kid was definitely BGing it today.
by Baby1Nolan May 15, 2008
"babygirl." the abbreviated pet/love name used by andy to refer to kelsey. because they are awesome. endearing, but not too mushy.
she is my bg.

goodnight bg, i love you.
by justxasiamx April 07, 2008
B G means Baby Gangsta. this is someone in a click that has not killed (or shot) any one yet. Where as an OG, or original Gangsta has.
i wanted to become more than a foot solider, i wanted to be a B G., and then eventually an O.G.!
by L3534N June 28, 2007
baby gangster-a young nigga who's 'bout that gangsa shit n totes with an AK
That lil nigga a BG he only 13
by Budman March 23, 2004
BG, aka 'Bill Gates', also known as the 'Billionare Geek' or 'Boy Gumby'. Founder of Microshite. Recently, due to feelings of shame and guilt - accumulated over many years of pillaging and plundering all competition that stood in his way - plus an over-inflated bank balance and need for a good tax dodge, has created the 'Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation' to become the newly re-invented "Beneficiant Goodguy' in an attempt to atone for past sins. BG is also known as 'the scum that rose to the top' of the software dogpile.
Cheesed of Microshite user: ", why do we have to put up with this crapware!"

Bystander who knows: "Well, what do expect, BG and Co. never had it in their corporate plan to make bug free software. How else are they going to get into your pockets on a regular basis!"
by Dr Yort June 12, 2008
Baby Gangsta

a gangsta who aint killed someone yet
by Da Candy Man November 01, 2003
On Aridor, to BG is to place bodyguards on an indenture so s/he can't be captured by other players by any means except Rumble. Some players BG their namesakes or low-ranking but favourite characters. But BGing credit chicks or other popular characters is a recipe for trouble.
The newbie BGed the Halliwells but got biobombed and rumbled within half an hour.

Some prat decided to BG my favourite character so I rumbled the fucker.
by Orc2005 January 22, 2005

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