1) (adj.) A "Baby Gangster". This refers to a young hoodlum who is either too small, or too weak to commit major crimes.

2) (n) The "Bloody Gangsters", a street gang originating from Monticello, NY. They hold territory in the neighborhoods of Shaker Heights and Evergreen Housing. They affiliate themselves with the Bloods street gangs, and the People Street Gang Nation (Which includes infamous gangs such as the Latin Kings and the Vice Lords). They wear red and black as specific gang colors, and they have a major rivalry with L.O.S. and M.M.G. (two other local gangs) They are apparently allied to A.B.I. (an Albanian street gang originating in New York City) and they have an Albanian sub-set callied A.B.G. (Albanian Bloody Gangsters)

3) (n) "Baby Gangsta". A rapper signed under Roc-a-Fella records.
"Don't worry Bill, those kids are just a bunch of BG's. They probably don't even know to throw a punch"
by Shawn W. May 17, 2006
you know how you play "slug bug what color" when your extremely bored or if you just want to hit your friend, BG is a similar game in which you most commonly use in church to identify a BG or Bald Guy them following with a punch to the shoulder toward his friend.
Other words may be:
FG- Fat Guy
UG- Ugly Guy
SG- Stupid Guy
RG- Retarded Guy
HG- Hairy Guy
MG - Mutated Guy

and so on
person 1:BG (following with a punch toward his friend)
person 2:WHAT THE HECK!??

(yes i'm from Utah)
by the real March 30, 2010
1)Baby gangster, as opposed to OG. An OG has shot somebody, a BG has not shot anyone yet

2)Black Gangster
1)"I quit school cuz of recess, you fuckin BG-- Snoop Doggy Dogg

2) look at that BG
by ac January 31, 2004
An abbreviation of the website (A website with makeup and fashion tips. Mostly for girls and a few gay guys) This is used because although the website is amazing, the name is not. the name is actually pretty embarrassing. Saying BG instead of Become Gorgeous is faster, and less embarrassing.

Girl 1 - whats up?
Girl 2 - nothing, on BecomeGorgeous!

Girl 1 - whats up?
Girl 2 - nothing, on BG!
by SnoopyDuke February 02, 2011
Bad/Brian Girlfriend
When a guy starts dating in high school and his first girlfriend is one of the following: ugly, unattractive, overly tall, annoyingly loud, crazy, pathological liar, purple colored, or grinds like a whore.
When the guy breaks up and levels up to a normal girlfriend, the ex is referred to as his BG.
Ay mayne glad to see you finally got rid yo bitch. She was a real fugly ass pot bellied cerebrally chalenged BG.
by hulo December 10, 2010
abbreviation used for texting meaning "big grin"

can also have the prefix of a capital E added to it, meaning

that's hillarious char!!!! BG

by dpfcharles August 03, 2009

not baby gangster!
ur bg is sweet
luv ur bg babes
by carly_xx June 25, 2009
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