Before Google

The time period before Google in which everyone had to find information somewhere else. (like an actual book)
The last time I used that encyclopedia was around 25 B.G.
by gib004 January 06, 2012
B.G is short for baby gangster. The youngsters in the click who want to be gangsters but are not quite there yet. They usually the gofers of the group
Tell that B G to go get a couple of fourdys from the store. Give him your I.D
by b from the bay December 22, 2005
In the World of Warcraft BG is the abbreviation for Battleground namely Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and The Eye of the Storm.
We got pwned by the premade hordes in BG.
by Aiai September 11, 2007
Bubbleguts, when you're nevous. Also known as butterflies.
"Man, I gots the b.g.'s"
"Yea, bubbleguts."
"Before Guvernment". Used for time before one's first addictive experience at the Guvernment/Kool Haus Complex (Toronto, ON, Canada).

B.G. marks the turning point in one's life after which every Saturday night is spent at Guvernment.

Much like "B.C." marking Jesus' supposed birth on earth, "B.G." marks one's personal birth in the culture and world of Guvernment.
"B.G. I'd drink and club hop on Richmond St and Peter St."
"B.G. I dressed up to go out on a Saturday night"
"B.G. I drank like a fish, now I pop like popcorn"
"B.G. I would go to which ever club was having an event"
by guvguvguv! <3 ! January 08, 2010
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