On Aridor, to BG is to place bodyguards on an indenture so s/he can't be captured by other players by any means except Rumble. Some players BG their namesakes or low-ranking but favourite characters. But BGing credit chicks or other popular characters is a recipe for trouble.
The newbie BGed the Halliwells but got biobombed and rumbled within half an hour.

Some prat decided to BG my favourite character so I rumbled the fucker.
by Orc2005 January 22, 2005
BG. It's emblematic of someone who is a pure boss and fucks bitches. It is based upon a Florida Highschooler some years back who graduated valedictorian of his high school, played 3 sports, and had the hottest piece for a gf. It has since gained widespread popularity at many Florida State Schools.
That guy is so fucking BG - he fucked the hottest girl in KD and wrecked the curve in his graduate student class.

"'That guy is Boss.' 'Nah Motherfucker - he's straight BG.'"
by BG Baller April 13, 2010
Baby Gangstar
I dont think you sorry clowns wanna see me.
Age 13 living life like a B.G.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
Big gay.
Tell me now why you would play kings with vodka you BG.

You fuck guys assholes? Your a BG.

Your not just gay, your a BG.

I want to get some bubble tea. ok you BG.
by Sir Queefs alot April 27, 2009
Abbrevation for "blow good." Nobody uses this.
She bg.
Bg for me please.
by i swear to drunk i'm not god October 20, 2005
1. Bad game, when a game ends and the team won by cheating or swept the other team
2. desktop wallpaper on a computer
3. background of an image
1. bg you n00b cheaters
2. I just made this sick bg for my computer
3. woah check out that sick bg of that sunset pic
by Brian November 23, 2003
Possibly an abbreviation of the BeeGees, a popular 70's group of 3 brothers. In fact, the BeeGees come from B.G. - Brothers Gibb. Well known for 'Stayn' Alive,' also 'Jive Talkin'' and 'How Deep is Your Love?' Integral in the phenomenally popular soundtrack from "Saturday Night Fever."
Saturday Night Fever is in fact the most popular movie soundtrack in history, featuring many tracks by the BG's.
by zaphodchak October 16, 2003
when your stomache is full of shit +gas
Man,I've really got the BGs.
by someone special October 06, 2003

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