On Aridor, to BG is to place bodyguards on an indenture so s/he can't be captured by other players by any means except Rumble. Some players BG their namesakes or low-ranking but favourite characters. But BGing credit chicks or other popular characters is a recipe for trouble.
The newbie BGed the Halliwells but got biobombed and rumbled within half an hour.

Some prat decided to BG my favourite character so I rumbled the fucker.
by Orc2005 January 22, 2005
Bedroom gangster.
yo, just been bgin' in allllll niiiiight. DAMN
by haaywoodjablomee May 23, 2009
A Brain Giggle. It is a more authentic response to something funny than LOL. The Brain Giggle describes an internal response to hilarity, producing at the most a smile, but no actual laughter. To discuss BG's with a friend often sounds much less innocent than it actually is.
“Dude, did you see what Sarah posted on her Facebook?”
“Yeah, man, I BG’d so hard.”
“Weren’t you sitting with your parents?”
“I BG in front of them all of the time.”
by tkltkl March 05, 2013
black girl
"I quit school cause of recess ya fuckin BG"
by SnoopDogg420 October 21, 2009
blond girls,
damn there's bg's everywhre
by Geecued August 05, 2009
Background image.
Man : Hey nice BG!

Girl: Thanks! I made it :D

by gurl1687 August 28, 2008
A black guy who hangs out with mostly non black people. The only black guy in a group of white people
Shae is such a B.G.
Why do you say that?
because he hangs out with white people.
by Shaesyco April 30, 2008
Stands for "Baby Gangsta", a memeber of the rap group "Tha Hot Boyz"
A young nigga named Bg, steppin ta me an i'll make ya bleed.
by william d willerson February 17, 2003

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