Definitely a great singer. But as far as looks she is overrated. Beyonce is flat chested and has ZERO ass. She has hips and big legs.

Men...distinguish the difference. You want ass? Take a trip to Mississippi and look the hell around.

Anywho, Beyonce's acting needs work although she is a PERFECT singer/performer.

I just wish the bitch would stop being Miss Booty. damn granma has more booty than Beyonce. Thanks. :|
Girl 1: I wish I looked like Beyonce.
Girl 2: All you need is a blond weave, some pale makeup, and a couple of guys to falsely accuse you of being " bootylicious "
by Paris. June 30, 2006
Please refer to toss material
I'm jizzin' on Beyonce right now
by Jiznit October 20, 2004
Beyoncé is a fur wearer, Beyoncé is an animal killer! It's Sick i know!!
In her song "Crazy In Love" Jay Z sings "My texture is the best fur, of chinchilla." and in her song "Ring the Alarm" she sings "She gon' be rockin' chinchilla coats, if i let you go" and rihanna say's she's a murderer.
Lets Skin Beyoncé, see how she likes it!!!
by Lylie boy November 16, 2006
(verb) to take something average and make it so much better than everything else.
She totally Beyoncéd my essay during peer revisions.
by ace skylark November 12, 2012
Rich, beautiful, pretty much what every girl dreams to be. Has flawless skin, teeth, eyes, hair.

Has a great body with curves that grab everyone's attention.
I really want to meet Beyonce, do you think I have a chance?

Mate, if she kisses Jay Z's lips everyday you can do anything.
by 1inABillion April 04, 2015
When an artist unexpectedly releases an album or mixtape without announcement, promotion, or advertisement.
Drake Beyoncé'd his mixtape last night on soundcloud and then he removed it and made us purchase it.
by tommisalami February 13, 2015
Someone of talent.
Wow, Beyoncè, you're good!
by Sonny Boi January 12, 2016

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