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-Possibly the most overrated person ever to have became famous.

what she lacks in talent, she makes up in fat on her ass.

Also know for her uncanny ability to make every song she has ever made sound almost identical.

And making sure all 4 minutes of her music videos contain at least 3 minutes and 58 seconds of her jiggling her cellulite.

-A Porch monkey-
"OMG!! did you just see beyonce's ass just swallow that kid?

Could also be refereed to as a prostitute,
-One who sells their body for financial gain-
by Get-down-off-the-roof-maa! September 25, 2009
Beyonce is a no-good, ugly piece of pathetic, worthless talent. Ashanti looks and sings a lot better than that BEEP!!
She can sing but that other girl is a beyonce.
by AT March 08, 2004
(verb) to take something average and make it so much better than everything else.
She totally Beyoncéd my essay during peer revisions.
by ace skylark November 12, 2012
Beyonce is a fat bitch that thinks she's the best, when in fact she does have a pretty face but also fake hair and an over weight figure. Nasty fat thighs ewwwww.
'Beyonce thinks shes soo hot'
'Yeah, but really she's just a fat arse with a pretty face'
by Lana Zee April 27, 2008
A mediocre, overrated singer who, like Taylor Swift, sings about the same thing over and over and over again.
Beyonce is such a mediocre singer!
by thatonechick101 December 01, 2011
People say that she is : talented, amazing singer(tolerable, not amazing), beautiful(simply pretty, not beautiful),and an amazing performer(they mean she has no clothes on).
Fan: Oh, beyonce can blow!!!
Realist: She can hold a tune, but get real, she isn't all that.
by Curteous November 03, 2013
(verb)to release a new album without prior promotion
"My band is going to release our new album next month. Should we Facebook or tweet about it, or should we just beyoncé it?"
by Patrick Toba January 01, 2014