A great singer. But on her cd, she keeps reminding us that she is a virgo. I don't care what your sign is, Beyonce.
"Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship is like Satan and Saddam Hussein's."
by Colin Farrell's Lover February 16, 2004
A mediocre, overrated singer who, like Taylor Swift, sings about the same thing over and over and over again.
Beyonce is such a mediocre singer!
by thatonechick101 December 01, 2011
Beyonce is a fat bitch that thinks she's the best, when in fact she does have a pretty face but also fake hair and an over weight figure. Nasty fat thighs ewwwww.
'Beyonce thinks shes soo hot'
'Yeah, but really she's just a fat arse with a pretty face'
by Lana Zee April 27, 2008
Arrogant bitch that ordered that the staff of the Balmoral Hotel (at which she was staying in Edinburg when she came over for the '03 Euro MTV Awards) not make eye contact with her at all.
Jay Z's ho
by Brendan November 11, 2003
People say that she is : talented, amazing singer(tolerable, not amazing), beautiful(simply pretty, not beautiful),and an amazing performer(they mean she has no clothes on).
Fan: Oh, beyonce can blow!!!
Realist: She can hold a tune, but get real, she isn't all that.
by Curteous November 03, 2013
A Tool satan(Demon) uses to impact or effect the young generation today.
Beyonce is illuminuti and is useless Sinner.
by Ivory Taylor November 21, 2014
A black bitch who wants to dance like shakira but she can't.
Oh hey! Beyonce is amazing!
No she's not. Look at shakira
by Oaklandlover4e June 11, 2011
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