The owner of the best video of all time. All time. Just saying.
Yo, Taylor I'm really happy fo' you an Im'ma let yu finish, but Beyonce has wunna da best videos of all time! ALL TIME!

- Kanye
by adamwerty June 16, 2010
one fine ass hotty wid a booty dat makes me feel naughty!!!
damn this mamma got it goin on, one big booty black beauty
she got tonnes of talent too in dat naughty girl video.
she is really pretty and has one of the most beautiful faces i have ever seen.
"jay-z is one lucky nigger to be wid beyonce"

"yo beyonce, is dat legal?"

"gooooaaaaaaan wid dat sexy"
by ghetto shiznit August 10, 2004
Foxy Cleopatra
"I'm Foxy Cleopatra and I'm a WHOOOLE lotta woman!"
by MikeMeyers August 28, 2003
1. My favorite singer who is mistakenly credited for inventing the word "bootylicious". Snoop Dogg used the word in '93 on Dr. Dre's Chronic album when Beyonce was 11 (but your bite wasn't vicious/and the rhymes you was kickin' was quite bootylicious).
2. Anyone who makes tons of money and still manages to have a huge, bad weave.
3. Any woman who dates a man who's unattractive or more than 10 years her senior.
4. Anyone who does not have the best command of the english language and lets the secret out in public. *Especially if it runs in the family!
1. Beyonce's new song for the pink panther is cute but the video sucks!
2. Please don't come out of your house with your hair looking like Beyonce's!
3. Katie Holmes is Tom Cruise's Beyonce'.
4. I see nothing wrong with looking sexily-Tina Knowles having a Beyonce' moment.
I know you was-Solange Knowles having a Beyonce' moment.
It's time to rededicate myself again to my workouts-Beyonce' Knowles having a true Beyonce moment
by MelDee January 05, 2006
Hovas first Chance to finish his virginiy.
Hova: Yo b, what u got for meh, show me what u got
Beyonce: Well, this is irreplaceable
Hova: Shit, Im a survivor.
by 666-667 January 01, 2008
Beyonce is de finest black diva created. None of dem white chics can be compared to the bootilicious queen. De woman is numbah 1. U heard!!??
BEYONCE the singing sensational queen
by Kamiilaah Belle September 14, 2005
A beautiful, talented young African-American, who is best known as a soulful singer, the lead singer for Destiny's Child, her "booty hop" dance, and her nice figure including her booty. And her relationship with Big Lip rapper Jay-Z. I personally think that she really likes and/or loves him... I mean why else would she be with someone like him. Beyonce` and Jay-Z together is like Bow Wow and Ciara... It just don't mix!!! :)
-Beyonce` is beautiful and in her twenties.
-Jay-Z is to me, ugly and old enough to be her older brother.
-Bow Wow is what... 5'2?
- and Ciara is what... 6'1?
Do u see what I mean?

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