Not your average entertainter. Born in Houston, TX, she has won hunreds of awards and has sold millions of records. She has numerous stans and probably even more haters due to the fact that she is very pretty and outsells most R&B and pop artists.

Was the lead singer of Destiny's Child and people blame her for the lack of popularity her band mates have.

Married to rapper Jay-Z.

Whether you like her or not, it is safe to say she'll be around and remembered for years to come.
Beyonce Hater: Beyonce is a fat, ugly, fake devil worshipper!who can't sing a decent song.

Smart person: Actually she is a great and beautiful performer, and it is pretty ignorant to say she is a devil worshipper.

Beyonce Stan: Beyonce is GOD. She is the most amazing singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, actress, designer, and I would kill any bitch that disagrees.

Smart person: Even though she is very talented, she is not everything. Writing credits on her songs are a little suspicious and she isn't the greatest actress in the world. But please, don't kill me!
by A girl just telling the truth. February 26, 2010
An amazing artist.
One of the best of our time.
The Queen of R'n'B.
Breathtakingly beautiful.

Honour to be living in the same era as her music.
Destiny's Child = Number one selling female group of all time.
- beyonce.
by yougottadreambig May 11, 2009
God's reward to Jay-Z for being a great rapper.
Most people call Beyoncé an RnB singer, but mant of her songs are closer to Hip-Hop.
by La Pera June 03, 2007
A Talented Creole Woman That Has An Amazing Voice.
Thanks To People Like Debarge, & Beyonce- Us Creoles Have People To Look Up To! <3
by IAmAProudCreoleYaDig December 18, 2010
a beautiful singer, who knows how to have fun and is good at what she does
beyonce, jay z's lady
by LatinaKaterina November 18, 2004
sex- "eee"
i look beyonce (sexy)
the best vocalist with the best booty
by jay Z October 14, 2003
Every morning, every afternoon, every night
I wanna be with you
It don't matter if we go to the park or watch a play
Stay in the hotel room all day
I just wanna be with you
I love everything about you
From your old school tennis shoes
To the way you move when you're dancing with me
-Gift From Virgo
Go pick up Dangerously In Love, its an amazing c.d.
by Sweet_Face March 14, 2005

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