Simply put, Beyonce is one of, if not the, most talented and well-known performers of the 21st century.
She's not a whore, a hyporcite, a poser, a fake bitch, or a "horrible example for the young, black, female youth of today".
No, Beyonce is just an excellent entertainer who works extremely hard and occaisionally makes mistakes like the rest of us.
Several of these definitions on this site are suprisingly (and unfairly) biased.
by March 23, 2010
jay-z's bitch; one fine ass momma who got loads of talent.
b killed it at the vmas this year! she was bangin!
by ink August 31, 2003
An incredible singer-songwriter, dancer and actress, she is beautiful and a true inspiration to all women. She has an amazing figure, and is one of the few celebrities that isn't stick thin, and she is also famous for her curvaceous butt.
Me: I love Beyoncé, she is my idol :)
by Ummploo August 22, 2010
the best looking girl there is and ever will be
DUDE U SAW BEYONCE? she is hot, yeah
by PIMP November 23, 2004
A beautiful Talented african American women who is very sucessful and loves what she does.
She will put her mind to anything.
African Down south Beauty Beyonce
by GBeauty September 12, 2006
Beyonce is a very curvaecous singer. One of the best solo singers to it the scene. She can use her voice to mezmerize people.
Beyonce has won a total of 5 Grammy's as a solo artist. She is the lead singer of Destiny's Child and has won 3 Grammy's for her work with them.
Beyonce is better known for her 2003 #1 hit "Crazy In Love".
Beyonce created the word Bootylicous.
In a London poll, Beyonce got 36% of the votes beating out Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ashanti as the next Pop Princess.
Beyonce will be always know for her hits.
Two number 1 hits in 2003.
Two Top five hits with "Naughty Girl", and "Me, Myself, & I.
by Tevin27 July 19, 2005
Beyonce is a Beauty Queen. A one of the most beautiful creatures to walk this eatrh.
Like the sunset glistening over a river.Like a moonlit night with the stars shining bright.A butterfly in the sunlit sky.
by Chaunise January 06, 2005

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