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Synonym for godess
Person 1: Beyonce is a godess
Person 2: That's redundant.
by me gusta french fries April 26, 2013
a meek, retiring little girl whose parents, in an effort to pull her out of her shell, fashion her into a pageant queen and then a super-diva without bothering to instill in her any real world values like self-sufficience, humility, vocabulary,etc.
Watch out for your little niece Alize! She ought to be more concerned with getting her GED than being the new Pussycat Doll. She's becoming a real Beyonce!
by Naima March 12, 2004
1). Overrated

2). Sings like a raving Banshee

3) Copied the style of Heart's song "Crazy on You" without paying hommage.

3). Jealous of Jennifer Hudson.

4). Has greedy and ruthless parents. Her mother's designs are some of the most tacky that I've ever seen. Had it not been for the real designer's of their line House of Dereon, her mother wouldn't be associated the the clothing line.

5). Someone JoJo, Pink and Aguilera puts shame.

6). Someone Jlo is looks better than being 10 years her senior.

7). Advocates the slaughter of defenseless animals
My name is Beyonce. I am a construct. I have stepped on plenty to get to where I am. My hair extentions are no longer tacky and I even became jealous of and pushed my own sitter out of the game. My mother terrorized dark-skinned girls in her school days.
by Alivia November 28, 2006
half bitch, half fiancee'
"Hey, wanna go to Happy Hour with me, Bill, and the rest of the posse on Thursday?"

"Is Bill bringing his beyonce?"


"Then, 'Hell No!'"
by $K February 20, 2004
An artist who can sing pretty good, but contradicts herself and shows too much of her body.
nasty put sho clothes on
by what's crackalackin April 09, 2005
BEYONCE A fake black blonde. Who struts around thinking her shit don't stink. Who uses Jay-Z for protection from people who see her for what she really is. Self centered, fake, probably bald, funny shaped, sreaming singer, bad hair weaves, vurge of being fat, did I say fake, and wants to out do Jlo in anyway possible.
EX: Man why your girl still with you? Don't she know you made Free on 106 & Park get an abortion. That must be that Beyonce in her.
by One and Only! Hear it first! July 09, 2005
(n.) nasty ho who has no talent and wouldn't sell one copy of her album if she didn't prance around naked on T.V.
People need to keep appreciating talented artists like TLC and Lauryn Hill and need to turn off that beyonce bitch's music
by Dee November 09, 2003
A clever way to call a girl a bitch without her noticing. An alternate for beyotch.
I can't stand that girl... she's a real beyonce!
by Pony Pone August 14, 2007