Synonym for godess
Person 1: Beyonce is a godess
Person 2: That's redundant.
by me gusta french fries April 26, 2013
It's a cross between your Beatch and Fiancee.
Come on baby, you know I mean it. You're my Beyonce. Now give me some.
by Big Mike and Little Mike October 17, 2007
A man who has asked his girlfriend to marry him but has yet to present her with a ring.
Drew is not really my fiancé until he puts a ring on it, but he's not really my boyfriend anymore either. So I guess that makes him my......beyoncé?
by thebrain1345 October 10, 2010
a dumb artist that got her mother to redo her birth papers to say she was 17 when she was really 21 but in the end everyone found out.

a dumbass that shouldnt be singer.
she is such a beyonce
by KMV January 10, 2007
half bitch, half fiancee'
"Hey, wanna go to Happy Hour with me, Bill, and the rest of the posse on Thursday?"

"Is Bill bringing his beyonce?"


"Then, 'Hell No!'"
by $K February 20, 2004
An artist who can sing pretty good, but contradicts herself and shows too much of her body.
nasty put sho clothes on
by what's crackalackin April 09, 2005
A clever way to call a girl a bitch without her noticing. An alternate for beyotch.
I can't stand that girl... she's a real beyonce!
by Pony Pone August 14, 2007
-Possibly the most overrated person ever to have became famous.

what she lacks in talent, she makes up in fat on her ass.

Also know for her uncanny ability to make every song she has ever made sound almost identical.

And making sure all 4 minutes of her music videos contain at least 3 minutes and 58 seconds of her jiggling her cellulite.

-A Porch monkey-
"OMG!! did you just see beyonce's ass just swallow that kid?

Could also be refereed to as a prostitute,
-One who sells their body for financial gain-
by Get-down-off-the-roof-maa! September 25, 2009
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