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Synonym for godess
Person 1: Beyonce is a godess
Person 2: That's redundant.
by me gusta french fries April 26, 2013
2 6
some one who sings and has a fat ass.
shake that booty and enjoy please no really enjoy
by Leigho November 23, 2004
943 562
A beautiful looking R&B artist, but a really big hypocrite in the music industry.
At first, Beyoncè was singing with Destinys Child songs about women being independent and men being annoying, then she goes solo and starts singing songs about men driving her crazy in love and objectifying herself to be some guys naughty girl. She should make her mind up already.
by XFS December 31, 2004
1273 925
Please refer to toss material
I'm jizzin' on Beyonce right now
by Jiznit October 20, 2004
514 236
The girl who was the leader of Destiny's Child and got mad when the other girls got solo parts so she went solo.
Man: I love Destiny's Child especially Beyonce!!
Woman: What about Kelly and Michelle!!?
Man: who?
by JosephT. July 18, 2006
850 573
a person who only uses her body to sell albums
im sorr to judge her but what happened to the days when she would sing gospel, now she jiggles her butt around with no clothes on
by joe ninja November 02, 2003
929 673
1. Pretty good singer that often contradicts herself.

2. Often talks like she has no education what-so-ever.

3. Pretty face and nice figure, but should wear clothing that compliments herself more.

4. Used to always vow never to wear provocative clothing, but what is she doiing now?
Beyonce is good, but a lot of people see her a fake. She should think before she speaks.
by No_Way_Out February 16, 2004
1353 1111
A "Beyonce" is a sanctimonious (usually female) singer who obsesses about her Christian pride and "integrity", thanks God for giving her "the precious gift of talent", and irritates the hell out of all sane people.
I would join the church gospel choir but it's full of fucking Beyonces.
by Alianne September 20, 2003
634 394