1.Highly overrated.

2.Horrible example for the young, black, female youth of today.

3.Using ghost writers in order to be taken seriously as an artist.

4.Lyp-syncing and always getting away with it.

5.Not knowing how to actually dance but always getting away with it.


7.Hyped up to be a legend when in reality, they are no different from any other contemporary singer out today.

8.2nd rate, immitation of Tina Turner/Diana Ross/Donna Summer/Josephine Baker.

9.Releasing rushed albums with plenty of filler but still managing to successfully sell and sweep at award shows.

10.Sabotaging a loved one's career.
Beyonce won five Grammys but only deserved one. "Dangerously In Love" was "Dangerously In Fillers" and the majority agrees.

Billed to be the greatest vocalist of today when in reality, contemporaries like Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and the legendary Mariah Carey can sing circles around Beyonce.

75% of Beyonce's performances have been lyp-synced, usually using a pre-recorded backing track instead of the studio recording. A recent example would be the "Deja Vu" performance at BET Awards '06.
by Tay S. August 03, 2006
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a.)n. one of the most talented performers/vocalists to hit the scene
b.)n. a true artist;captivating beauty
c.)n. impressionable performing artists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
d.)n. a female with a svelte frame and alluring aura
e.)a. fly; hip; cool
f.) a. bootylicious
"Girl, what do you have on? You look like a complete mess."

"You must be catching a glimpse of your reflection or something, because right now i look beyonce."
by justme April 08, 2005
Someone who every black female claims to look like.
Dang gurl, I weigh 300 pounds, don't I look just like Beyonce?
by David M. Kennedy July 25, 2006
The hottest sexiest diva of all time. Britney Spears cannot fuck around this girl. She will be a legend when she gets older. Keep on rocking it!!!
Beyonce is the hottest diva of all time!!!
by Gregory Grimes May 28, 2005
That beyonce is some serious toss material
by haha May 17, 2004
some one who sings and has a fat ass.
shake that booty and enjoy please no really enjoy
by Leigho November 23, 2004
A beautiful, talented young Black woman, so it is hard for me to understand some of the posts listed here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you don't have to like her, but the hatred here is soooo thick you could cut it!! Someone even called the woman fat!Who are you looking at? I am a female who is very secure in myself...I don't look anything like Beyonce', but I don't have to. I am woman enough to give props where they are due, and there is nothing fat, ugly, or untalented about this chick. She can sing, and she can dance; she's an entertainer. Call it stannish if you want...or you can call it secure individuals who can see where credit deserves to be given.
Someone asked to borrow my Beyonce' CD...I was like 'What you say about my mama?!!!"
by exoticEyes December 29, 2004
a person who only uses her body to sell albums
im sorr to judge her but what happened to the days when she would sing gospel, now she jiggles her butt around with no clothes on
by joe ninja November 02, 2003

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