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If a woman has been going out with a guy for ages and they openly talk about getting married, they know that they will but he has not yet proposed yet then he is the woman's "Beyonce". The B is for boyfriend and the "eyonce" is for Fiancee but obviously more recogniseable as a word for the pop star.More than a boyfriend but not yet a Fiancee. This word is in the same category as recent craze for new words for couples such as "Bennifer" (Ben Afleck and Jenifer Lopez) and "Brangelina" (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)
This is my Beyonce, Brad.
by Keira Garrigan November 24, 2005
51 342
a.)n. one of the most talented performers/vocalists to hit the scene
b.)n. a true artist;captivating beauty
c.)n. impressionable performing artists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
d.)n. a female with a svelte frame and alluring aura
e.)a. fly; hip; cool
f.) a. bootylicious
"Girl, what do you have on? You look like a complete mess."

"You must be catching a glimpse of your reflection or something, because right now i look beyonce."
by justme April 08, 2005
4053 2254
Someone who every black female claims to look like.
Dang gurl, I weigh 300 pounds, don't I look just like Beyonce?
by David M. Kennedy July 25, 2006
2741 1183
The hottest sexiest diva of all time. Britney Spears cannot fuck around this girl. She will be a legend when she gets older. Keep on rocking it!!!
Beyonce is the hottest diva of all time!!!
by Gregory Grimes May 28, 2005
2938 1642
A beautiful, talented young Black woman, so it is hard for me to understand some of the posts listed here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you don't have to like her, but the hatred here is soooo thick you could cut it!! Someone even called the woman fat!Who are you looking at? I am a female who is very secure in myself...I don't look anything like Beyonce', but I don't have to. I am woman enough to give props where they are due, and there is nothing fat, ugly, or untalented about this chick. She can sing, and she can dance; she's an entertainer. Call it stannish if you want...or you can call it secure individuals who can see where credit deserves to be given.
Someone asked to borrow my Beyonce' CD...I was like 'What you say about my mama?!!!"
by exoticEyes December 29, 2004
2171 1212
Acronym for "Destiny's Child"
Destiny's Child? No! Beyonce!
by petepetepete March 08, 2007
1090 349
1. Another term for "nice ass"
2. A pretty good female African-american singer. Likes to shake her ass while singing.
Dis babe got an ass like Beyonce's yo.
by shakhan December 09, 2005
816 350
That beyonce is some serious toss material
by haha May 17, 2004
1100 668