Salng; lame, broken, otherwise fails to reach expectation.
Andre: What you think of American Dad?

Mike: Oh man, it was bewt, Family Guy is wayu funnier.

(real life example)
by Zambri May 08, 2005
Top Definition
Welsh slang word used for insulting someone, meaning something similar to idiot. Can be used as a friendly insult amongst friends, or used against someone you hate. Comes from South Wales.
I cant believe you didnt know Cardiff was in Wales, you bewt! lol.

I dont like that guy, he's a right bewt! Grrr!
by blueeyes65 July 19, 2009
bewt or beaut (you say it as if your going to say beautiul, but without the iful.)

a word used in south wales (mainly abertridwr)

just a word for mate, pal, etc...
person 1: what was the score after?

person 2: i duno bewt
by DanielXxX October 02, 2007
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