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Salng; lame, broken, otherwise fails to reach expectation.
Andre: What you think of American Dad?

Mike: Oh man, it was bewt, Family Guy is wayu funnier.

(real life example)
by Zambri May 08, 2005
3 9
Welsh slang word used for insulting someone, meaning something similar to idiot. Can be used as a friendly insult amongst friends, or used against someone you hate. Comes from South Wales.
I cant believe you didnt know Cardiff was in Wales, you bewt! lol.

I dont like that guy, he's a right bewt! Grrr!
by blueeyes65 July 19, 2009
19 5
bewt or beaut (you say it as if your going to say beautiul, but without the iful.)

a word used in south wales (mainly abertridwr)

just a word for mate, pal, etc...
person 1: what was the score after?

person 2: i duno bewt
by DanielXxX October 02, 2007
13 6