breasts when they are on display but are very unattractive. particularly useful for fat women who overcompensate by showing an obscene amount of cleavage. also for when there is so much breast exposed that you feel a bit uncomfortable and don't know where to look.

eeeww + boobs = beeewwbs
diana was trying to look sexy, but all she acheived was bewbs.

"holy shit, did you see those bewbs? i couldn't stop staring, it was like watching a train crash!"
by tillie-mac September 02, 2009
by pfft your mom September 21, 2003
A butchery of the word "boobs." Means "breasts."
OMG! Shirlie has teh bewbs!!!!
by Burkshifter February 12, 2005
a woman's breast
i really want to grab her bewb.
by Teh Whore September 09, 2003
1.Slang for boob
2.see also bewbies knockers love pillows nipples
1. Look at those BEWBs!!
2. let me feel your bewbs
by Beefarino44 July 20, 2005
A word that essentually means brests. Origated from South Park.
Your mom's got the hottest bewbs ever!
by He who is without pants December 03, 2006
Friendly/affectionate, dirty/funny nickname for your generously-endowed girlfriend's (or friend's) bodaciously epic ta-tas. (Effect is enhanced if said in a 13-year-old-boy voice as a stand-alone, existential statement.)
<beavisandbutthead> "Heh, heh, heh. Bewbs. Heh, heh." </beavisandbutthead>
by rocinante2 January 17, 2011
Stands for "blue-eyed white guys."
Kird: Did you know that B is into bewbs?

Swimmy: Really? I didn't know she rolled that way.

Kird: No, not boobs. BEWBS.
by Dr. Oataract August 14, 2014

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