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A silly slag who thinks that she is a hard emo with big tits but realy is a fat poonanny rugmucher lessa... is normally known as bianca and is found in ditches smoking herbs
Sheila:'oooooooooow that is a sick bewanka'
Mary:'oooow is that herpies on her beard?'
mac donald: 'yeah earlier i caught her in a big pot of chip fat!look at the grease!
sheila:'how could anyone not nottice that she is a hippo gippo a-hole
mary:' beats me!
jeffery:'she does give good head tho
sheila:'fuck off jeffery now you have herpies on your bollocks...
mary:'lol you fucking chav shagger you cant get no1 else
mac donald: ' fries anyone
by hhc bum funs March 27, 2008
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