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Alternate spelling of "boo boo."

Bew bew and be used affectionately or in a derogatory way depending on the tone and context.
In an affectionate way:
Person 1: Hey I'm home!
Person 2: Hey bew bew, I've missed you!

In a derogatory way:

Person 1: These are my earring designs!
Person 2: You are not the original maker of those earrings bew bew!
by Yoshi3329 August 28, 2011
a phrase describing the sound a Star Wars fighter makes when firing a phaser. Extremely useful in annoying people/friends/teachers.
"bew bew! cmon miss, say it with me - bew bew!"
by djn88 April 28, 2005
A slang term for feces.
Billy went bew-bew in his pants.
by Carny February 26, 2007

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