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Meaning a friend. Similar to dude or man.
I would like to say thanks my family and my bews for all their support. I would have never made it without them.


Hey Bew!
by ud101 May 11, 2008
Random sound made when a person is seriously bored and has no idea what to say.
.... bew....
by ShaynaOokami January 21, 2009
''Boo'' in lolspeak!
Lolspeak is what cats would talk like if they could talk.

( )
Kitty #1: Bew!
Kitty #2: :O I R scared!
by lolkitteh! April 23, 2010
Bew (NOUN)

The sound made when a superior being gets so mad that lazer beams actually shoot out of their eyes. This normally results in the destruction of the being's intended target.
Person 1: "Jane I really hate your face, you should consider wearing a bag"
Person 3: "O snap that b*tch is dust now"

Bob: "I haven't seen Shirley around lately.."
George: "O you didnt' hear?! That betch totally got bewed."
by Jiggle Monkey Poonsworth March 24, 2010
Bew is a random word. It means anything. It is used to show anger, frustration, surprise or a random action.
Bew! = (I cant believe you said that!)
by Eryn May 25, 2004
When someone pronounces the sexual act "bukake" wrong and calls it BEW CAKE. Thus meaning that the word Bew now is referring to a mans ejaculated sperm. Making it a fun term to use on anyone. Replacing the word "YOU" with Bew. or anything that rhymes with bew.
Dude I just got Bew everywhere! or Fuck Bew!

B.O.M (Bew on me). Hey Bew I love Bew.
by The Calypso May 31, 2011
bew is when you shoot your man jam into your female companions eye. Also used as a catch all phrase for when you own someone.
I went to a club and met this chick, by the end of the night I went bew bew in your face.
by Pat Sajak June 25, 2003
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