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One who knows when to have cake.. and eat it.
Beverley, when in need of (Cake)
by Cake eaters February 05, 2010
A slut. yet very hot and sexy!
oh dam look at Beverley
by Swiftbabe April 13, 2010
A wonderful girl who is wise and fun!
I love that Beverley
by texts March 14, 2015
A female name,popular in America after the famous Beverley Hills. The term Beverley means 'Beaver meadow' or 'Beaver Stream'
Beverley just phoned
by xCandyx May 23, 2005
Tagging along with a friend when out clubbing but wind up being an awkward bore.
A: Your mate John, he came out with us then just sat there texting and sulking.

B: I know, what a Beverley.
by dangerousdarren12 July 19, 2011
An epic fail or mishap usually to be blamed on a single person or event.
i) I was about to score with my gf but then life gave me a beverley and my brother came home.

ii) Stephen Hawking was about to solve the ever mysterious mysteries of the universe; instead having to deal with a major beverley after Einstein accidentally turned the power off.
by SplashMan93 July 03, 2011
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