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be-twixt (preposition): The midpoint between two places or times; can also be used for comparison purposes.
1. I enjoy traveling betwixt the front room and the back room.

1. He was supposed to call betwixt 2 and 3.

Can also indicate choices:
1. I am not able to choose betwixt corn and green beans.

See also inbetwixt
by Wint May 06, 2005
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The space betwixt a girl's legs up by her pussy when she's standing with her knees touching. Measured in fingers with 3 fingers being utopia. If you can run three fingers up between a girl's legs from just above her knees to her pussy, you've found a beautiful girl -- usually they are fit, slender, pretty shoulders, nice ass and trim with curves in all the right places -- and flexible too. They usually have a pretty pussy... mounded up, entrance towards the front, and flat between her thighs. Many times their lips and clit stick out prominently -- when seen from behind with backlight, the space is often seen as a small heart with the lips and clit making the upper separation between the upper halves of the "heart". If you're a man and you see one, you'll usually fall in love at first sight...
Man, she' s got a three finger betwixt -- I see the light!
by JeffRo1234567 October 01, 2012
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bih-TWIKST (adv.)

A slang term for sexual intercourse. Similar to "have/had sex" Derived from the phrase of getting "between those legs."

(Used in conjunction with some form of "Get" to create an idiom / phrasal verb.)
"I wanna get betwixt her!"

"Did you hear about Jen and Tom? They TOTALLY got betwixt last night!"

"I'm bored. Remind me again why we're not getting betwixt right now?"
by Pointy Pointy Point June 01, 2012
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