the act of being squashed
i walked up in sevinsky's house and got bettied, yo!

originated in Olean, New York
by Nicky J, Ky Pizzle, N Rizzle June 17, 2009
Top Definition
The act of either inflating your expense reports to the point of absurdity or other nefarious activities like bringing a coupon to a corporate lunch and trying to get a rebate on what your coworkers have already paid.
"Dude, I totally got Bettied the other day at lunch. My friend offered to split the check but he had 3 drinks and I had water!"
"OMG I had so much time to kill on Friday so I Bettied up my expense reports and made like 100 bucks extra!!"
by No5isAlive January 25, 2008
A total failure to retain or accept common knowledge and to argue proven facts with idiotic ideas or excuses
I bettied the whole "world is round" theory because I've never worked with geography before so it can't be true - right?

I bettied all the answers to this test because the questions weren't clear even if everyone else was able to understand them
by lemon_drops January 30, 2008
A failed attempt at trying to make something cute with the result of making it more annoying instead
That girl totally bettied her voice - she was trying to seem like a cute little girl, but it made me want to beat her with my shoes.
by lemon_drops January 30, 2008
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