The most photographed woman ever. Queen of the pin-ups in the 1950's & the source of the term "She's a real Bettie/Betty"
Bettie Page appeared in the Jan 1955 Playboy
by DharmaZen May 31, 2004
Top Definition
The bondage pinup queen of the 1950's, sporting long, straight, black hair and short bangs. Spawned many copycats includeing most girls from the gothic and rockabilly scene.
I like bondage pinup photos, a la Bettie Page.
by May Ouest February 12, 2004
A girl who is into anything black, if you know what I mean...

There was also a woman in the 50's who carried the same name.
Bettie Page loves Sidney Poiter.
by Fox News Alert August 28, 2005
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