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The bondage pinup queen of the 1950's, sporting long, straight, black hair and short bangs. Spawned many copycats includeing most girls from the gothic and rockabilly scene.
I like bondage pinup photos, a la Bettie Page.
by May Ouest February 12, 2004
The most photographed woman ever. Queen of the pin-ups in the 1950's & the source of the term "She's a real Bettie/Betty"
Bettie Page appeared in the Jan 1955 Playboy
by DharmaZen May 31, 2004
A girl who is into anything black, if you know what I mean...

There was also a woman in the 50's who carried the same name.
Bettie Page loves Sidney Poiter.
by Fox News Alert August 28, 2005