You niggah Betsy
by cheeessssss December 20, 2012
A bear that is mistaken for a cute human girl.

She will deny vehemently that she is a bear, but do not let yourself be fooled. She will maul you if she is given the opportunity.

Commonly eats honey and salmon.

Can be found pillaging bee hives for honey or raiding human's picnic baskets.
Whoa! Does has Betsy always had a tail and a hunger for raw fish?
Yeah! You didn't know she was a bear?
by Gottaknowit February 06, 2011
BETSY - a name to describe a really fat lady related to a fat cow. fun to yell in different accents randomly at fat people on the streets. DINGDONG

** fat lady turns and looks**

"BETSYYYY" - while being pointed at

*gives the finger**
by notabetsy April 24, 2011
She's interested and attentive at first but that fades. She'll be afraid when people get to close. She's afraid to be happy and lets good things pass her by. Shes dark and gloomy thus she needs sunshine, but can't get out of her own way and accept sunshine in her life. She makes decisions and thinks they are right, but doesn't realize that they could be wrong. She's confused. she's lost. she needs to wake up. she needs to realize that she is worth love- and needs someone who thinks the world of her. If not she'll be a cat lady forever.

can be used as a noun
don't betsy your life.
by LuckySevenSki February 02, 2010
A very clingy girlfriend. She often depends on others to make her stop being so clingy and annoying. She gets no help cause it's her own fault.
"that girl is being all Betsy on her boyfriend."
"She is gonna lose her boyfriend for being like Betsy."
by pathetic44 December 28, 2009
An insult used to describe a female stuck in the colonial period, wearing a starched dress, churning butter, and wearing a bonnet. A tip off is when she uses terms such as: "on the fritz," "tizzy," or "bluffing."
Alana: Did you see that ho wearing the apron?
Dan: I know, she's such a Betsy!
by Dana Hallowell June 10, 2005
a word used to replace bitch for situations where swearing is not allowed. such as at school
Don't be a betsy
you're such a betsy
by Ellestar May 04, 2008

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