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1. to turn on someone you trust, or to have someone do the same to you.
2. team-killing, i.e. in a FPS. More specifically, this is the term used when one team-kills in Halo/Halo 2.
1. i had the worst betrayal the other day, when my best friend whom i thought i trusted stole my girlfriend.

2. Halo announcer: "Lost the lead! BETRAYAL!"
by Tengu October 05, 2006
102 33
1. putting loyalty in someone, and them turning theirs on you.
2. friends stabbing you in the back.
3. the most hurtful thing anyone can do.
person 1: hey i like you
person 2: like you too.
person 1: see you later
person 3: who was that
person 2: some psycho weirdo

person1: now i feel betrayal
by crypticss December 28, 2009
81 16
I just finished Marked and I cant wait to start Betrayal
by arianne! August 15, 2010
23 18
When your best friend deserts you for mean reasons and acts like a meany head.
Kristian Farnsworth left her bestest friend alone in the cold in a mean act of betrayal.
by wordsfromtheheart December 22, 2013
4 4
You were booted from the game for betraying a teammate.
I committed betrayal on my teammates on Halo 3.
by dickman 2.0 April 10, 2010
23 23
When your boyfriend "the cop" Says he is going to write your best friend up for smoking weed.
by Angry girfreind June 08, 2009
25 40