Where AWESOME, but rich and intelligent kids live in mansions or large houses and drive expensive cars. You can always see atleast 3 Mercedes Benz and 5 SUVs. Most kids own designer clothes and there is a very high prep population. And Polo makes a lot of profit from this certain area. Most kids also go to ivy league colleges.
X: I bought this new polo the other day!
Y: So how many do you have now?
X: 257
by Maddie January 10, 2005
Full of rich kids driving SUV's, and wearing designer clothing.
Rachel: Hey want to go to neimans to see the gucci bag I want?
Lauren: Sure, but first I have to fill up my car with gas. Driving a range rover is expensive.
by rachel December 05, 2003
Suburban town in MOCO where adults make almost as much money as those in near-by Potomac. The prep population is massive and ranges from 13 year old hookers to 17 year old ex-football players that suck at lacrosse. Very similar to Potomac, although there is a smaller population of Asians and even a tiny population of down-to-earth punks who enjoy scaring their prep classmates, fighting the man, and tagging benches in the multi-million dollar public parks. Even with all their money, all kids end up doing is going to the Montgomery Aquatic Center (because swimming outside, besides in the pool in your backyard is just unsanitary, and anyway, you might bump into some wangsters at a public pool in Rockville) and skateboarding badly up and down Wisconsin Avenue going to Mongolian BBQ for 10 minutes at a time and only eating half a plate. Most kids live less than 15 blocks away from Whitman High, but instead decide to A) Nag their parents to buy them a car worth at least $15,000 B) Go to Landon or Georgetown Prep and tell all your friends you're doing a girl at Holy Cross or finally C) Vice versa.
Bethesda kid #1: Yesterday I saw these emo kids hanging out in the park I was driving past in my new Mercedes.

Bethesda kid #2: EEEWWW you saw emo kids??

Bethesda Kid #3: Did you throw anything at them?

Bethesda Kid #1: I would have, but I didn't wanna get outta my car and get my new Lacoste all polleny.

(silence while checking voicemail on their new sidekicks)

Bethesda kid #2: HEY-let's go to Monogolian BBQ!

by Jeremy Vicious September 11, 2006
A town in Washington DC suburbia in Montgomery County. Bethesda is unique because of its highly educated population. Montgomery County itself has a gang problem in areas like Silver Spring and Kensington, but its high standards for education are seen in its nicer areas like Bethesda, Potomac, and Rockville. Bethesda is populated mostly by families with high income. A lot but not most of them are filthy rich and are the ones you see living in the really big houses. Children who grow up in Bethesda tend to be ignorant of places that are less fortunate because there isn't much to worry about. This gives them the impression that places like Gaithersburg are ghetto. Kids from Bethesda tend to be generalized as spoiled rich white kids. True most of them are rich but only the spoiled ones are the people who give off this generalization. There is in fact, a very small population of working class families that live in Bethesda. Their kids are the ones that realize how ridiculous everything around them actually is. These same kids are usually the ones made fun of because their down to earth view of things in an over achiever environment. Bethesda is basically a utopia, so kids in Bethesda become bored and start doing drugs. While there doing drugs and are completely unaware that they just got ripped off, they convince them selfs that because they smoke bud and live near DC this somehow makes them hardcore. This is what gives Bethesda a bad rep.
Ignorant Rich kid #1: Dude, this shit soo dank.
Ignorant Rich kid #2: Yeah, I'm fucked up right now. Lets go back to my mansion and brag about how hardcore we are to each other while playing xbox 360 live.

Dealer #1: I aint sellin shit.
Dealer #2: Go to Bethesda. Yesterday i sold two white boys a shitty salad for $80. It wont even get them high.
by The Fountain of Knowledge April 16, 2008
Bethesda (or Chevy Chace) is a nice city nestled between DC and its neighbor the west, Potomac. Fairly aflluent, with many nice older homes and expensive condos. Aside from Potomac, Bethesda is where the rich and affluent of the DC metropolitain area live. If your lucky enough to have been born into Bethesda, you envy only one person: he who lives in Potomac; this isnt so bad though, I mean so does everyone else, right?
Person from Bethesda: Im so pissed, i wrecked my bimmer and I cant drive it for two weeks while its in the shop.

Person from Potomac: Psshhh that sucks, when i wrecked my maserati my parents flipped for a ferrari.

Person from (Insert your town here): Fuck you guys...
by wish u were me March 01, 2006
You see more Mercedes than Toyotas, and every girl over 10 has a cell phone, a credit card with a $5000 limit, and wears $80 Steve Maddens.
How you like me now, when my pinky's valued over three hundred thousand.
by LRod May 10, 2005
(n.) The Bermuda Triangle of yuppie-dom, located in Maryland, off the border of Washington, DC and close to Northern, VA.

A congregation place for some of the United States' worst snobs (and their many offspring).

Common signs you hail from Bethesda:

you have more money than taste,

a grossly inflated sense of self-worth,

the idea that the universe revolves around you,

polo shirts,

a beach house in Bethany,

an "au pair"/nanny,
membership to a country club or expensive gym,

6 out of 7 nights a week you eat out at a sit-down restaurant,

one or more designer items on at a time,
a tan year-round,

no sense of direction,

possession of a large car you can in no way operate on your own,
a trophy wife/sugar daddy,

3+ children (or siblings).
That woman in the pink and green Lilly Pulizter dress... the one walking the labradoodle? She just opened her Mercedes SUV car door into the BMW next to her and walked away. She must be in a hurry to meet her trophy-wife friends for lunch and shopping. I bet she's from Bethesda.


I can't wait to move out of Bethesda. I'm beginning to hate people.
by aquanauty August 10, 2009

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