a doll.
Q: whats fun to play with but breaks very easily?

A: bethany.
by sexx on fire August 14, 2009
A beautiful young girl with a perfect heart, she is usually shy but will always stand up for what is right whenever it is needed. When she loves someone, she means it. A Bethany is never one to break promises no matter how big they are. She will never give up no matter what happens. She is the perfect girl and any guy is lucky to have her. Too bad because she is already mine and I aint' letting go.
"You here about Bethany?"
"Yeah, the beautiful one?"
"Yeah that one! She's in love with this guy"
"I hear he really loves her too!"
"They are unbreakable!"
by McGrizzlyPanda April 27, 2012
A Bethany is a very sweet girl and loves to have fun. She's a great friend to have and will always be by your side, she loves her friends and family dearly and would never be horrible to them, she has a kind heart. A Bethany is very very pretty, beautiful in fact! Most people think she's hot. She has lovely hair that everyone complements. She has a lot of good friends that are girls, and has a lot of friends that are boys. She gets on well with girls with the names "Lauren, Brittany and A Nicole" she gets on well with boys with the names "Connor, Dale and Trevor" Bethany is a nice person to everyone apart from the people that are not nice to her, sometimes, she can get a bit jealous, but most of the time she's a saint.
Person 1 "Who is that girl over there? she looks like a..."
Person 2 "Bethany! She looks like a Bethany."
by magicfeatherduster September 17, 2011

An overall happy individual. Bethany's love people; making friends and being social is their way of living.
Hobbies: Music, Video Games, Art
Likes: People, Happiness, Love
Dislikes: Hate, Sadness, Spite
Rachel: Bethany is friggin' cool...
Ross: You got THAT right!
by B.J.W1992 May 09, 2013
an amzing girl, strong and couragous. i love her to bits. her beautiful voice and hot looks :)
daaayyymm thats bethany ;)
by little miss..... May 30, 2012
A funny, pretty, sensitive, smart girl with alot to give. She will lift you up when your down and help anyone in need.They are most likely to become singers, actresses or artists. Also are known to be shy in front of large crowds or people she does not know that well.
Sh is an amazing singer! Do you know her?

Oh yeah. She's Bethany!
by Bethanyh151 March 21, 2014
Bethany= Bestest sophomore friend, and co worker, and letter stuffer, and lab partner, and seaweed enjoyer, and english accent speaker,and someone I can laugh at Bio stuff with!
Bethany is amazing, be jealous that you don't know her.
by Neo-Mel May 09, 2010

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