Bethany is a really nice girl, probably one of the nicest you will meet, she may be a little crazy at times but she's actually really shy. She is a great friend, very generous and very down-to-earth, she won't talk to you if you're a new face, unless you speak first, not because she is stuck-up, but simply because she is shy. She is very sensitive, maybe she's not the prettiest girl in the world but she is beautiful. Bethany has a hot figure under those un-flattering clothes, she has curves. She never boasts and she cares about the safety of others over herself. You should get to know her better.
Bethany is a really nice girl and a little crazy.
by letthepartyrock November 08, 2011
An intelligent,sexy,smart,notselfish,and trustworthy. person. They will give up anything that is everything for a person they loved. A bethany will try to make everything better when things are down.Bethany wouldn't mind if people loved her or hated her because if they hate her they can hate her butt she will try to still love that one person. Bethany will never let someone give up. They know that everyone has a desstiny and she will help them succeed. A Bethany is very loving, All those bethany try not to brag about anything. But they don't like to look down on themselves. Get to know one.
1)first person;Woah, that girl is so kool,
second person;She is such a bethany.

first;People call me a bethany
second;if you were a bethany you wouldn't brag. :O
by omfgit'son.(: April 03, 2009
a PYT: pretty young thing

1. a young female with little girlish charms that has the extraordinary ability to hypnotize men with her sweet soubrette voice. she is sort of innocently provocative and pretty much gets whatever she wants.

2. your ticket.
bethany: "can i ride your car."

matthew: "sure, here's my keys and wallet dear."

bethany: "um, thanks"

matthew: "sure bethany, you can have whatever you like."
by R0ckSTaar9 June 21, 2009
A very pretty girl, won't break your heart but gets jealous easily. she will treat you nice if you treat her nice. she's a great friend to have and she love to have fun. she will treat a boy fairly, and will always be devoted, she will never cheat. she has a kind heart and loves her friends. she would never hurt her best friend/s, any boy is lucky to have her. she's very hot, and she has lovely hair.
i dunno, but i bet her name is Bethany!
by MagicMissionaryLOL August 11, 2011
that strange person who you inexplicably want to hang out with. nice, though she may act as if she isn't. When you converse with a bethany, you may be surprised where the conversation goes. all in all fun person to be around.
person 1: Why do I hang out with that girl?
person 2: Well, she is quite the bethany.
by prpleorngez September 27, 2011
a talented actress. singer/songwriter.

married to musician, michael galeotti, she has starred in many films and theater projects. she is also a recording artist, currently working on her fourth studio album.

she is a very attractive girl with a sweet personality, who acts, sings, dances and plays guitar & piano.
as in reference to actress, bethany joy lenz, who plays character, halley james in the wb series, one tree hill, co-starring, michael chad murray, also appearing in movies such as, i love you, i love you not, bring it on, etc., and has a recording contract with epic records.
by michaelchadmurray June 07, 2009
A bethany is hot and sexy. She loves to dance and sing, she is pretty much talented especially musically. She is a sweet person and loves being around people. Making new friends is always something she looks forward to. You can count on her whenever you need to. She matches up the best with "trevors" and doesnt get along with "kristis". Bethany isnt a mean person, she just hates bitches who go behind her back and try to bang on her boyfriend. Yet she still chooses to understand things the best she can.
she is so hot, she must be a bethany.
she dances great, i wonder if she's a bethany
by monokoru boo April 14, 2011

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