A farm town where bitches come from. It smells like horse dung and so do the people. Real shit starters are born from this town. Also, a participating town in the failed school called Amity.
Alexandria- "I'm moving to Bethany, Connecticut"
Jessica- "Ew, I feel bad for you. It smells like total ass there!"
by thankgodimnotfrombethany123 September 01, 2011
Top Definition
She must be a parking ticket because shes got "fine" writin all over her

when i see bethany i pop a tent.
by booby digger July 11, 2006
An intelligent,sexy,smart,notselfish,and trustworthy. person. They will give up anything that is everything for a person they loved. A bethany will try to make everything better when things are down.Bethany wouldn't mind if people loved her or hated her because if they hate her they can hate her butt she will try to still love that one person. Bethany will never let someone give up. They know that everyone has a desstiny and she will help them succeed. A Bethany is very loving, All those bethany try not to brag about anything. But they don't like to look down on themselves. Get to know one.
1)first person;Woah, that girl is so kool,
second person;She is such a bethany.

first;People call me a bethany
second;if you were a bethany you wouldn't brag. :O
by greenbeans;O April 03, 2009
All hail our overlord Bethany.
by bethanypwns August 12, 2008
1. A girl with a beautiful voice
2. someone who get's your attention whenever she walks into a room.

3. A huge heart full of compassion
4. Unforgettable
That voice is hauntingly beautiful...it must be Bethany
by pklc71 September 28, 2009
1. a rad girl living in los angeles california

2. an incredible girl under the age of 25

That girl is a total bethany.

How many bethanys does it take to screw in a light bulb? 0 bethanys make boys do it for them.
by Mark W. S. March 04, 2008
PYT: pretty young thing

1. a young female with little girlish charms that has the extraordinary ability to hypnotize men with her sweet soubrette voice. she is sort of innocently provocative and pretty much gets whatever she wants.

2. your ticket.
bethany: "can i ride your car."

matthew: "sure, here's my keys and wallet dear."

bethany: "um, thanks"

matthew: "sure bethany, you can have whatever you like."
by R0ckSTaar9 June 18, 2009
a beautiful girl.

usually a hott dancer or cheerleader. very sexy.

as many girls are with the suffix "any" at the end of their names. i.e. tiffany, brittany, stephany, etc...
"damn that girl is soo fine, she must be bethany?"

"who's that hottie?" "that's miss bethany."

I couldn't get a date with bethany. she told me, to "take a number."
by TheJackOfAllTrades June 06, 2009

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