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Beth; the girl you can't find fault with. Generally a lovely girl, with a brilliant sense of humour and very popular with everyone! You don't want to get on the wrong side of her though, because her feisty, and witty comments could burn anyone to the ground! Very loyal friend, who would do anything for anyone who is worth it. Usually very confident and independent., but not arrogant, and a talented at many things. Although sometimes she can be very quiet, timid and shy. Doesn't easily love a boy, likes the chase and playing hard to get. But if you're the right boy, you will give in and commit 100% to you. You just have to know how to treat her right.
Boy 1: That girls perfect, a true Beth.

Boy 2: I wish she was mine.

Girl 1: I wish I was more like Beth.
Girl 2: Everyone loves her.
Girl 1: That's because she is flawless:)
by santa2569 November 17, 2011
41 13
- a girl that speaks her mind if you cross the line!
- shes in love with her boyfriend! she will stay dedicated to him
- she kind of a deep and dark person..she has strong feelings
personality! beth
by iiStrawberreh August 18, 2011
36 14
A Beth is one hot girl! She will make you smile like no other. She is worth all your time and undivided attention. She may not admit that she likes a man, but only because she has been hurt before. She is a sensitive soul and has been through a lot in her life. She will take your breath away with just a kiss. Beth can light up a room instantly as she walks into it. She has a heart of gold and eyes of an angel. If you find a Beth with hazel eyes (blue, green, yellow) take care of her! These Beth's are very rare and are amazing in the bedroom. If you know a Beth, you will know what we mean by 'she is a goddess.' Beth's are perfectly matched with a Thomas, Elliot or Nathan.
by Mr.KnowItAll April 08, 2012
20 4
An amazingly beautiful girl who in any case will do anything for you. Beths usually have an adorable laugh that they use a lot. You can always count on them to make you happy or lift your spirits, especially when your depressed. People who are lucky enough to know them will most likely fall in love with them immediately. they always know how to treat you.

whats her name?

by sttilson May 29, 2012
14 2
Breasts, tits, breas-ticles, boob-enis
"Boob is beautiful, and so are her Beths," said Krysty.
by The Bethster June 26, 2006
42 33
Beth is a beautiful blonde, kind, smart person with big gorgous eyes who can put a smile on your face anyday no matter your mood. She may have a bit of a temper and will try to get her way. She can be afraid of comitment and relies on you to give her strengh but can give it back when needed. No-one can tell her what to do, she will put up a fight if you hurt her and will not lose unless she loves you. Shes the one you will never want to lose and will never leave you if you mean something to her. All the boys will chase her but she needs someone who knows her and cares, it can't be about looks. She sticks up for you but is sensative so don't take her for granted. If you have a beth, im jealous!
Boy 1: Hey did you see that girl beth?
Boy 2: Yeah man, shes hot.
Harriet: She won't just go out with you, you have to get to know her
Boy 1: Nah. No-one can resist me.
Harriet: She won't!
Boy 2: What would you know? Oh are you jealous! Poor poor you. Sorry but you arn't all that pretty
Harriet: *eyes well up*
Beth: Oh no shes right. I won't go out with someone who i don't know. And certianly not a jerk, now leave me and my best friend alone!
Boy 1: Sorry
Boy 2: Your loss! LOSERS

Beth:Are you okay babe?
Harriet: Yeah thanks for that. Your a great friend. x
by Iloveyoux March 30, 2012
12 10
If she were a Transformer, she'd be a Hot-O-Bot, a guuuurlllll her name would be Optimus Fine ;).

Short form for Bethany, not to be confused with Bethenny from the popular day-time T.V. Show.

Can be derived into nickames such as "B", "Betty Boop", and "Barf".

A title of a 1976 hit from the Kiss album 'Detroit Rock City'.

Space Cadet, Freedom Writer, Multi-lingual, Horrible Driver, Incredible Person.
"That Beth sure is a good driver :/"
by BootyTang113 November 06, 2013
5 3