24-7 of pure hell, I hate BET. All they do is play rap all day.
I'm going to write to Comcast and have BET removed.
by Saints September 24, 2003
The acronym means Black Entertainment Television. B.E.T. is a network that some people like and some don't
Aaron McGruder: "B.E.T. may be the worst thing to happen since Jimmy Walker. I'm a big fan of hip-hop culture, but B.E.T. is only exploting the culture and making the race look idiotic. It's all bitches and hoes and grandiose jewelry and fancy cars."
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
worthless waste of a channel on the god that is tv. almost as bad as MTV but tries to be more urban. fucking retards. plus its run by crazzzy white people trying to make there rich asses more white. and yes im white.
B.E.T is watched by white people who live in south philly thinking they are cool by watching this crap!! they ain't cool they is retarded.
by Bearded Abe March 17, 2005
African american channel with music videos comedy shows news focused on african americans, On Sunday Morning its a like a whole different channel.
kinda like mtv
by rogelio November 17, 2003
channel that shows how reverse dicrimination is evolving, along with affirmative action.
"fuck rock" all you want, but at least it involves intstruments, not bass beats produced by a machine, therefore classifying it as music, unlike what they play on B.E.T.
by cassie November 23, 2003
BET (Blacks Embarrassing Themselves) a TV channel.
Yo nigga i was watching BET, and dat nigga Jayqwon had gold teeth, diamond chain and like a 60 hoes on his dick plus he was smoking crack. I wanna be juss like that nigga.
by basedgod007 October 12, 2011
company started by a white jewish guy
i don't have an example for this
by Mindy December 03, 2004
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