a gay tv show that only wiggers and black people watch. but somehow if we had a W.E.T. white people would get sued for millions of dollars.
yo, ima watch ma sef some BET cuz im blizzack
by afcoh March 03, 2006
Music channel (also full of other crap) for Africans.
Wow Bet sure does have alot of crap that they've ripped off of MTV. Unoriginal bastards.
by I forget October 14, 2004
channel that shows ppl like me how to be black and how to be from da hood
BET is the rillest nigga channel
by nigger G September 23, 2003
Black Entertainment Television (Channel 124 on Dishnetowrk Sat. 119. Channel 50 on Cable in Canada)
BET has the best music ever. FUCK rock, FUCK metal, FUCK all u haters.
by Tamer May 24, 2003
Also Known as Animal Planet.
Yo put it on B.E.T they're having an ape special all weekend long.
by Get R Done March 15, 2005

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