Short for "I bet." Used as a form of verbal irony, the word is said when someone could in place say also sarcastically; "oh yeah sure, I bet"
"I could totally outrun Usain Bolt"
"Lol dude bet"
by ifrylikepotatoes February 06, 2017
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From a fat ass, to big tits, to cool, fuck yea, for sure, to anything that you would say sure, or ok or cool to. This work describes everything. Bet
Girl: your so good in bed.
Guy: Bet
Girl: you know you could say more than just one word
Guy: there is no other word that could describe what im thinking, other than that.
by Ryan Paul Anderson February 14, 2008
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Boy 1:hey can you grab the groceries?"
Girl 1:"Bet! (Walks away)
by BoyWonda January 23, 2017
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Little bitches watch that shit."Punkers" What the hell? What should I call you,yer mom,a "wangsta"? Pointy converse=G-Unit sneakers
Losers screaming=Losers Rapping,Losers Crying
Playing those damn guitars aimlessly into a microphone=OK,next time they'll use a beatbox.Is that OK for your little ass?
yer mom sucks transvestite pussy.
yer mom's mom is that transvestite.
by Bitches Eating Tits March 05, 2004
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channel that shows ppl like me how to be black and how to be from da hood
BET is the rillest nigga channel
by nigger G September 23, 2003
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Getting stoned whilst not smoking any weed.
Hey dude, whatcha doing?
Sitting by the stoners, doing a Bets.
by Token Blave April 11, 2011
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used to answer a yes or no question typically in the negitve form or doing the opposite of what someone asked or said
you gonna drink all that beer? bet. (No)
you can drink all that beer. bet. (Yes)
you gonna vote for Hillary? bet. (No)
lets go rob a bank. bet. (No)
go talk to that girl. bet. (No)
by NANTONR June 21, 2016
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