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B.E.T. should rename its "Rap City" show to "Techno City" because not one of the songs played was rap POETRY at all.

Besides, rap was dead and rotten by 1997 anyway.

*Note: Rap is not music.
If This station really is Black Entertainment Television, and it is dedicated to playing black music, why the fuck isn't it playing jazz, oldskool hip hop, funk, disco, bebop, swing, reggae, traditional African music, caribbean, black European music? And why the Hell are they only playing songs about blings, bitches, booze, and blunts?

Black Entertainment Television my ass.
by Uncle Tom April 26, 2004
82 48
1980s. Meaning yes or I agree.
A: "So I'll meet you and then we'll hit the party."
B: "Bet."

A: "Yo, lend me $20; you can hold this bike I just found."
B: "No bet."
by Chaz June 03, 2004
1903 630
(N.) A network that used to be Black Entertainment Television, but now is just the Ghetto MTV.
106 & Park = TRL
How I'm Livin' = Cribs
Access Granted = Making the Video/Diary
College Hill = The Real World
Coming To The Stage = Made
Next = Becoming
The Center = True Life/Fight for your Rights
Rap City = Direct Effect
Sneak Peek = Movie House
(none) = Room Raiders/Crib Crashers, Dismissed/Taildaters, Newlyweds, The Osbournes, Punk'd
by G-Union February 09, 2004
1186 571
Funny how blacks can have their own channel but if white people have White Entertainment Television it's marked as racist...
B.E.T. is an example of racism at work.
by Poopie face June 24, 2003
972 511
A channel that purports to support black culture, all the while instilling the idiotic ideas that plague black culture like cancer.
Dude, after watching BET, I realized that I never have to get a real job because America is racist. It's much easier to just collect unemployment and stare at my "Free Mumia" poster because something bad happened to my ancestors somewhere, sometime.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
1012 553
as in "sure," "you bet," "you know it," "thats for sure," "thats a plan," or "i will do it"
Hey, lets go to the zoo tomorrow! Aight, bet!
by starqueen March 28, 2003
819 393
Network that feeds off African-American stereotypes. Doesn't play real black music like blues. Viacom is killing US Television
BET music is a joke. It would be a real shocker to see performers like Keb Mo', Robert Cray, or Corey Harris featured on that network. They probably never won't.
by Jon May 19, 2003
396 138
A channel that completely accepts and encourages the stereotypical black attitude and lifestyle. In other words, the degradation of human culture. As if it wasn't degraded enough...

This is what makes other races dislike blacks.
Host of a BET show: "Yo yo yo, man, dis here is the new video from, uh... uh... *inhales deeply* Sh*t, man, I need a joint. Get me one real quick, dawg, and I'll find dat cue card. Ah, hell, who am I kiddin'? I can't read."
by Rufus Shinra November 11, 2004
646 452