All they ever show are songs about love, romance, sex, getting that babe, tapping her booty, sex, fucking that bitch, girl dumped me, sex, cheating spouses, evertyhing else related to sex and romance.
God fucking dammit will B.E.T. start playing a whole lot more songs that don't involve sex and love. How about they start showing good old fashioned songs about going through life's struggles, or sympathy towards relatives/friends, or songs about educational inspiration. Or even songs about the joy of raising children. Because I refuse to believe that the only songs that black people are capable of diong are cheesy love songs.
by angry July 24, 2003
A channel that completely accepts and encourages the stereotypical black attitude and lifestyle. In other words, the degradation of human culture. As if it wasn't degraded enough...

This is what makes other races dislike blacks.
Host of a BET show: "Yo yo yo, man, dis here is the new video from, uh... uh... *inhales deeply* Sh*t, man, I need a joint. Get me one real quick, dawg, and I'll find dat cue card. Ah, hell, who am I kiddin'? I can't read."
by Rufus Shinra November 11, 2004
Funny how blacks can have their own channel but if white people have White Entertainment Television it's marked as racist...
B.E.T. is an example of racism at work.
by Poopie face June 24, 2003
A white-owned piece of shit trying to masquerade as a channel geared toward African-American audiences. Few African-Americans have anything nice to say about it, as they recognize it to be a mere minstrel show portraying nothing but stupid-ass white stereotypes of Black culture. As numerous whites, on this board and elsewhere have said, "Blacks would be upset if we had a channel!!!" Well, you have all the other channels, plus BET which is also a white channel.
Hey, they're showing 'MALCOLM X' on BET tonite, instead of 'The Viacom shake that booty hour.' It must be February.
by Canada street's in the bldg. March 05, 2005
A tasteless telivision network that is in fact the reason for many of the problems of Afro-American society. It supports stereotypical views of us blacks, instill bad grammar and sloppy dress.
It also causes many of my unghetto ghetto dwelling peers and myself to get many frustrating questions
BET is the antithesis of the African Diaspora and negates and nullifies everything our ancestors were
MeltswingMM2000: our pround black heritage, the african diaspora has taken a backseat to hiphop culture and BET
MeltswingMM2000: wtf...BET is owned by white people...
MeltswingMM2000: not to make any kind of racist point
H CheeseSandwich: whoa
MeltswingMM2000: BET is what is currupting our culture
H CheeseSandwich: thats all we had left! why cant they get....WET?
MeltswingMM2000: i say fuck bet
MeltswingMM2000: luckily...
MeltswingMM2000: we have a channel called TVOne MeltswingMM2000: TVOne is a tasteful alternative to BET
H CheeseSandwich: oh
MeltswingMM2000: i am offended by black people who give me heat about the way i talk and that i dont watch BET
MeltswingMM2000: you know what, D
MeltswingMM2000: we should learn Swahili and Mandinka
by ManOfTheDiaspora April 22, 2005
Racist television channel. If a white person was to start a White Entertainment channel, he would be called a racist and a skinhead, and would probably be sued.
I don't watch BET, because I don't support racism.
by drozz August 20, 2003
A channel that shows allot of rap videos resulting in pampered little dumbasses who live in rich little neighborhoods, who shout "G G G G-Unit" and think that by sagging their pants and driving a nice car that their parents bought them on their 16th birthday will result in them being gangsta and that getting shot will result in a multi million dollar contract.
Poser 1: "Yo fool you saw that new 50 cent and The Game video on BET? In it 50 drives the same car that my parents bought me bro! Man I'm as OG as can be, you heard?"
Poser 2: "Yea Yea, on the real. And Im like Lloyd Banks, Im so fly, Biatch!"
Poser 1: "G G G G-unit!"
Poser 2: "Word."
by Ruslan February 07, 2005
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