Besties (noun) to be in the state of every hilarity and laugh constantly, but cry too and just spend too much time together listening to amazing and amazingly crappy music and dancing and cooking and living in the chalet and shopping and coffee-ing/vanilla milk-ing at Javasti.
The besties are going to go paint the town.
by Lilmspolkadot January 24, 2009
A group of friends consisting of pussasaurus rexes.
"I'm going to hang out with my besties!"
by Alligator-saurus March 13, 2006
a retarded way to say best friends only loser preppy girls use. DONT SAY IT
Cara: oh, me and jenna are besties!

Normal people: oh, i dont give a crap becuase you suck cuz u just said besties.
by motorpsycho August 18, 2009
A neurotic person who has learnt to think through excessive exposure to violent media, such as video games, that they are military men.

They often look at things through a soldier's eye, while really being a normal civilian.
"That Alex is a real Besty. The other day he said that the top of that tree was a good sniping position, I think he's nuts."

"That guys turning into a Besty. Too much Call of Duty 4 I reckon"
by DaSnipa68 May 12, 2009
To get so drunk you wake up the next day in hospital. Refers to the late football (soccer) player George Best's alcoholism.
Woah dude you were so drunk last night you pulled a Besty.
by Dowsed March 03, 2006
When something is so good, you give it 5 stars.
"They are the besties cookies since Mamas funeral."

Glad she baked that week.
by Mr. Tony Morales December 16, 2006

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