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When two men hang out constantly and refuse to admit their longing to have the others genitals in their mouths. So basically, it's the manlier version of a "bromance."
Yes, I would love to do the dutch rudder with you! We're besties with testes!
by misterlovahlovahooogirl August 12, 2010
Besties with testes is a non profit orginazation for testicular Cancer awareness. Based out of denver colorado, and expanded to Phoenix Arizona Besties with testes brings Cancer awareness in a fun way Uncle Sam wants YOU to touch your self. Check your nuts early detection saves lives. 1 in 5 men aged 15-35+ will be diagnosed with testicular Cancer if caught early enough if is curable.
Besties with testes is a great non profit!
by Queen of the balls April 25, 2016
The term used when a female has a male best friend or friends.
T: I love M, he is one of my Besties!

N: He is totally one of your Besties with Testes.
by Kookookachooahahachoo May 03, 2011
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