Name to describe your little group of really close friends.
Bill's facebook staus " Talking to one of my besties "

Girl 1 " I love you, you're my bestie!"
Girl 2 " Yeah, us and our 2 other friends are total besties"
by Kitkat274 April 21, 2010
An award that goes to a friend that does something out of the ordinary as far as being an awesome friend goes.
Kristen: I just broke up with my boyfriend

Tristan: Dude I was planning on coming your way this evening anyway.

Kristen: That's awesome, I can't wait to see you!

Tristan: My mom also bought me gourmet cupcakes I plan on sharing with you!

Kristen: You're making my day! You deserve a Bestie.
by GirlTristan May 30, 2010
girls so close you would think they would be lesbos but are straight; the chaser to each other's alcohol; Do everything together! Break someones face if they break your besties heart;

Someone talking to meg:"you & ashley are like really good friends huh?"

meg talking to someone:"we're like besties...DUH"
by Mega friend April 01, 2009
a good friend, able to be sub-categorized for work or events for specialization.
this is Angela, she's my Starbucks Bestie.


my bestie Michelle and I are going to lunch later- do you want anything?


'who are you inviting?'
'oh, you know, just the besties'
by csoc April 03, 2009
A nickname a guy uses when he wants something
Hey bestie, can i borrow $5? ;)
by l0l@experience June 07, 2010

a) A shortened version of 'best friends' for internet talk.
b) Someone who is really close to being categorized as a best friend, but not exactly one yet.
a) TTYL bestie! XOXOX lylas!

b) Jamie: You know you're my bestie for life, girl. Arianna: WHAT, I'M NOT YOUR BEST FRIEND!!?! WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP IS THIS?
by girlll. November 15, 2009
A name you may have for your gay friend.
Gay kid 1: My bestie is "Gay kid 2's name here"
by GoodtimesCharlie2 September 12, 2009
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