A person that will always be there for you. Someone hat is a like a sister or brother to you.
Claudia is Melissa's bestie.
#best #friend #sister #brother #love
by Giraffo February 22, 2015
A friend that is more than a Best Friend! Who cares about you and talks to you at least 7 or more times a day! Another word for Bestie is Soul-sister or Soul-brother. You can have multiple bestai but it is called Bestai not "besties" because that doesn't go with the people!
Examples *EXAMPLE 1*
Madison: Your my Bestie and so is Mikki!
Matty: You are my Bestie so is Elizabeth!
Madison: We have Bestai!...XD
Another Example* EXAMPLE 2*
1] Matty and I are besties
2] Who is your bestie? I have bestai. Multiple besties; Mikki and Matty are my bestai. But Matty is my bestie, and Mikki is my bestie.
#bestie #bff #bffl #soul-sister #soul-brother
by MattyLaDiDa January 05, 2012
A variation of the words, 'best friends,' or 'best friends forever.' Commonly used between two BFFs once the name 'Bff' becomes over-used and old, however, Bestie will never become more popular than Bff because BFF will always remain the original, and true name for Best Friends.
Mary: Ok I have new nick-names for us.
Jen: Yep?
Mary: Besties.
Jen: Ok bestie!
Mary: Wub you bestie!
#besiee #best friends #best friends forever #bff #bffl #bffles
by HmmfCreator June 11, 2009
A word for someone who is always going to have your back. And does stupid things. Best results if crazy.
My bestie just asked my crush out!!!!
#friend #crazy #amazing #awesome #weird #bossy
by CrazyUnicorn May 06, 2015
Someone you love, someone you absolutely can not live with out.

Very very special
She's my bestie, hurt her and I'll hurt you. :-)
#bestie #best #cool #always #forever
by Uhmnolikestop February 13, 2014
A newsboy hat, preferably in plaid. This style of hat was worn by Alan Ruck in the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in which he played Ferris' best friend, Cameron Frye.

The term "bestie" was first seen associated with Cameron and his newsboy style hat in a painting entitled Hats by Hughes in which various characters from John Hughes films are depicts wearing their iconic hats. The piece was created by Ben Walker as part of The Road To Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes at Gallery 1988.
Dang, my hair looks like crap! where's my bestie?
#besty #newsboy #kangol #cap #best friend #ferris bueller #cameron frye
by Spider-Jesus May 15, 2011
The single most nauseating pseudo-word in the English language.
Say 'bestie' again and I'll throw up in your mouth.
#bestie #best friend #best friends #friends #girl friends
by BEC611 July 05, 2010
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