A person who no matter what is the best thing that ever happened to you. Someone who you know will never turn their back on you. The most amazing person in the world! Has an understanding of your twisted humor, but knows when to be funny and when to be compassionate. All in all, if you found this friend hold on tight!
Jaqui and Mike are the ultimate besties!
by best-ie February 27, 2012
ones most bestest friend ever, easy to talk to, if a girl u can hold hands with and give each other pecks on the cheek and no one will think its odd because you two are tighter than spandex, also besties can read each other's minds and if its a dude you can cry in his presence with out being labeled as a pussy, also you can tease each other with out any long term repercussions.
she's my bestie i can know what she's about to say before she walks into the room.
by blehshmeh February 18, 2009
A boy that gives you all the benefits of a boyfriend, without the name or commitment, but you're still allowed to be upset if and when he hurts you.
He's my bestie, no matter what.
by sexyroxy1 October 23, 2009
Bestie. Best{ee}:
Term for Best Friend! One who is always by your side, who never ditches you, and who would take a bullet for you. This term is not to be mistaken for beastie which means something entirely different.
Julia is my bestie.

Steve: Who you hanging out with tonight Carl?

by B-tothe-J October 01, 2010
The bestest, most epic friend you've ever had. One of those friends that you know that nothing can tear you apart.
Bob: Dude, everything is falling to shit. Thank God I have my bestie to stay with me.

Dan: You know I'd never abandon you, bestie.
by cokebaby March 26, 2010
girls so close you would think they would be lesbos but are straight; the chaser to each other's alc; number one on each other's drunken speed dials!!
mistah fab talking to meg:"you & allison are like really good friends huh?"
meg talking to mistah fab:"we're like besties...DUH"

by megmon alro May 20, 2008
your best homie
we are besties cuz she always there for me.
by Castleberry February 09, 2009

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