Boning a horrifically beastly broad such that your friends say you have engaged in in an act of truly bestial depravity
Holy God Hank is into bestiality! He got hammered last night and mounted Toni. Fuckin broad looks like a manatee.
by Zoobreath July 10, 2008
The sexual act of fucking someone until you almost achieve climax, then ramming your prick into the dog's asshole and slamming it full of jizz.
I pulled a bestiality on the dog yesterday.
by Styxhexenhammer August 29, 2009
when Tom Green humped a dead moose
Sick bastard
by j March 13, 2004
A form of porn that contains human on animal action. One person who watches this is Ben Botelho. He watches many styles of bestiality. One of his favorite styles is horse porn. He loves to get off to horses get with men and/or women. Watch those colons!!! :)
Ben Botelho loves to watch bestiality especially when horses fornicate with men.
by Ben Botelho November 19, 2006
An adjective describing people or things that are great, strong, or superior.
"Dude, have you heard of the new Halo coming out?"
"Yeah man, I played it. It's bestiality."
by soadforlife August 20, 2009
Something so intrinsically cool that it verges on being wrong.
"That's so cool, it's bestiality"
by Slartibartfast November 22, 2004

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