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Sexual intercourse involving a human and a lower animal.

Thems farm boys sure luvs them the bestiality!
by Omniverse March 29, 2003
376 249
Bestiality: n.

A fun act, generally but not always involving the use of a domestic animal as a form of pleasure. Can also be used as an alternative to being bored or having sex with stupid girls or whatever else floats your boat.
Broseidon 1: What do you want to do, bro?

Broseidon 2: We could go have sex with fluffy over there

Broseidon 1: Bestiality? that sounds cool. DP?

Broseidon 2: Fo sho

Broseidon 1: High five!

fluffy was never the same
by Broseidon, King of the Brocean September 06, 2009
208 130
When one or both people in a friendship dynamic have sexual feelings for the other but never act on them. Sometimes people engaging in bestiality can acknowledge their feelings but still do not act on them yet keep broaching the forbidden boundary. Others cannot admit to said feelings.
Sara and danny have to stop engaging in bestiality and finally traverse the barrier.
by Theonlyprof June 06, 2013
95 36
Sexual intercourse between a human being and a lower animal, particularly the hominid subspecies represented by ultra-conservative Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum.
Tom awoke to a pounding headache and the foul aftertaste of whiskey in his mouth, but it was not until he risked a glance behind at his snoring bedmate that he began to grasp the appalling extent of the previous night's debauch: not only was Tom now "spooning" with the Senate's most vocal homophobe, but he had engaged in an act of bestiality with same.
by Marleen L October 27, 2006
151 111
Fucking wierd. (liteally)
Sex between humans and animals. Just wrong, illegal in most countrys.
she decided to try out bestiality and bent over infront of her dog.
by BoredGuy101 March 16, 2009
95 59
Porn that when viewed over the internet you are almost 100% to get some kind of virus like atrojan or Blaster
Bestiality is gross porn with people and animals, looking at it will KILL your computer!
by Yobastank January 31, 2005
200 185
Literally, the act of having sex with an animal

Figuratively, having sex with someone of the opposite gender who looks like they could BE and animal.
"Yo, last night i fucked Kasandra Monteagudo, can you believe that shit? I was drunk outta my mind!"

"Aw dude, that is total bestiality, i can't believe you did that."
by Bizzytrickk09 November 06, 2009
29 34