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when you get sick of your bitchy friends, look to your best guy friend, he will always be there for you, and if he isn't then he's not your BEST GUY FRIEND.

your best guy friend and you, should have a bond.

not like you'd have with a girl , no matter what what you say, or make your self believe, YOU are in love with him !
you'll always love him, you'll always have feelings for him.
and one, i guarantee has a sexual bond with him.
girl: FUUUCK YOU !
best guy friend: if you want ;)
by lets69allnightlong March 09, 2011
The guy a girl always comes running back to with all her problems she's afraid her friends would judge her for. Best guy friends are different from your regular guy friends because you can talk to them them about anything and they tend to be very sympathetic and caring. Either the guy or the girl friend at one time or another complains about being in the friend zone but neither one of them actually does anything about it. Rumors often circle around that you and your best guy friend are dating and he'll often smile and respond with a shy "nah". There is often cute flirtatious tension between you and your best guy friend.
Girl: Period cramps make me look and feel like shit today.

Best Guy Friend: Aww no, you look gorgeous. I wish I could make you feel better somehow :(
by istilllovehim January 14, 2012
A best guy friend is the best to have, cause (no offense girls) there is less drama, if you do something stupid then they forget about it and move on, and you can tell them everything and they wont tell, when some of the other girls get on my nerves and i need to tell l someone something, he will always be there for you, and he's always up for a new inside joke! And if you hang with him a lot and people are convinced you are dating, my advice: IGNOR THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THOSE THINGS! They are jealous of you, cause they aren't close to people they only have enemies, if they do have friends then i bet they don't deserve them.
Snobby Girl:"You guys are going out!"
you:"No we are not he's my best guy friend, so lay off!"
by Miss. Mystery April 24, 2014
A girls best guy friend is a place you never want to be, it is the zone where the girls bitches to you about her problems and you make the mistake of relating to them.

It is a mix between the friend zone and nice guy persona.

It is a horrible place to be, you eventually develop feelings for that person and then they shoot some comment of f to you such as,

" We have such a great friendship and, I don't want things to get out of hand " .


" Last time it got out of control when I got to close with this other guy ".

Avoid this zone..the nice guy/friend zone/best friend zone mixed.

Close friends is probably going to far, if she ever calls you best friend you are butt fucked for life and have no chance with her at all -ever-.

This is coming from a guy who just delt with this situation today and it is a sucky ass place to be.

Do your self some good;

Pick up some weights.

Don't return her calls emails etc for a day.

Don't let her use you as an emotional door mat for her problems.

Never confirm best friend with her if she ever considers you that.

Just keep this in mind, it isn't because your ugly or an asshole or whatever it is. It is because you have gotten to close to her and if you do end up having something as more than friends and it went of course it would cause her to much emotional pain.

That is for nice girls, who sadly go for bad guys.

assume the opposite for sluts..

Guy: I like you allot
Girl: I like you as a best guy friend!
Guy 14 months later: I feel for you differently
Girl: We are to close and if it gets out of hand...well...
I am sorry!
Guy: Goddamnit

This is a very realistic situation. I am speaking from personal experience..
by Crushed under her converse October 28, 2007
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