Largest electronics retailer and a great place to work. Even if you do have a Master's degree (sorry to the person who says that no one works there beyond high school). Great place for a part-time job...with a tremendous benefit package (even for part-time employees) Employee Discount (cost to company +5%), 401k, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and Vendor Accommodations.

This company has stayed on the front edge of the curve and is thriving even in this volatile market. The development of the Twelpforce is just the most recent example of how Best Buy is a pioneer in retail. Past things they took the lead on include non-commissioned sales people and eliminating mail-in rebates.
Welcome to Best Buy, how can I help you today?


When many other companies have gone after employee compensation to try to help their bottom-lines, Best Buy has not. Best Buy has continued is matching policy on employee 401ks and has actually improved the profit sharing program (Blue Crew Bucks). It is now quarterly and gives more stores the opportunity to succeed and achieve the goals needed to get the money for the employees.
by 534-bosch September 06, 2009
A bunch of idiots in yellow shirts trying to sell you overpriced goods they know nothing about. You are classified as an "angel" or a "demon" based upon how much of your money the store is able to capture. Once you've bought the product, god help you if you need to return it because there is a 15% restocking fee. A good place to go to try a product before you buy it online!
I buy a big screen tv at $2000usd. The tv turns out to be incompatible with my equipment because the sales associate mis-informed me. I return the tv and get stuck paying 15% ($300usd) for NOTHING! Bravo BestBuy, Bravo.
by Don't shop at Best Buy! June 18, 2008
A slang term for a shit so large that it makes your asshole bleed. Named after experiences with the overpriced electronics store Best Buy that is currently being wiped out by Amazon.
Hey why is the bathroom covered in blood ?

Sorry I just had a best buy. Fuck does my ass hurt. This is worse than choir practice.

Next time you will know better than to eat so much cheap junk food.

Hey can I borrow a tampon ? I know I will be paying for my best buy for the next week.

Let me see..... wow that best buy tore your asshole right up ! Here take the pack.
by majortomsmodem September 29, 2013
A place where people can look at electronics in person before going home to buy them on Amazon for a cheaper price.
"You paid $40 for an HDMI cable at Best Buy!? I got one for $5 on Amazon."
by Señor Horsechoker March 18, 2013
Jordan's bitch.
Employee: Whos your bitch?

Jordan: Best Buy.
by Pseudonymfoodonym April 26, 2010
fun store, but filled with geeky nerdy brunettes looking to get laid because they're too ugly for words. Little lushes looking for a good time in between the retard sales pitch. Blue shirts smell like last night's Bud Lite. Yuck.
Joe: "Ewwww, there goes another blue shirt bitch, can you smell her? she REEKS. "
Steve: "I think she works at best buy."
by imjustsayinwhatstrue October 17, 2009
Highly over priced place people call a store where a simple cell phone charger costs $40 dollars and everything costs $20 to $300 dollars more than anywhere else!
Hey bob want to go to best buy and get a dvd?Sure I have $60 dollars I can buy 1 dvd.
by best buy sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 06, 2008

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