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what losers say they did when they "gave it their all." only in the lexicon on losers.
dad: yeah you lost the game and embrassed the family son, but you gave it your best effort...
son: i know dad, thanks.
dad hits son
by daftdon November 25, 2003
5 3

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Working to one's ability, rather he or she fails or succeeds.
Put in your best effort.
by Davey June 05, 2004
6 1
Giving all that you can in a given situation, but always failing to meet some one else's standards
Try as I may, my best effort was not good enough for my girl friend, so she left me, stupid cunt
by Paul June 06, 2004
9 5
giving your best effort is when you try your hardest.
mom: you got an F on this paper!
son: i tryed my hardest!
by Josh June 03, 2004
5 2
good enough.
Was that your best effort?

Nope, but good enough.
by Purplesheep November 30, 2003
6 3
To make ones greatest attempt
Yo im going to make my best effort to save my money for a new car.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
1 0
Not good enough. Ever. So just stop trying.
You'll never be good enough.
by Dan the Man June 09, 2004
7 7