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a word in Spanish that means kiss in English
by Source July 08, 2003
Spanish for "Kisses." Commonly used by latinas and wanna-be-hip kids when signing off an email or online personal ad.
"Catch ya later, grrl. Besos."
by M.O. Zorro August 28, 2005
Blowing butthole kisses
Elisa just blew a beso
by Hitler jr. September 02, 2010
Derived from "Be So Precious", to define something adorable, cute, awesome, rawkin'.
Oh her baby is BeSo!
by Michelle3 April 24, 2007
Beso really means a sloppy, drunk bitch. But it can be used to mean slut or ho, too. For the most part, a beso is a party girl who is out of control. It can be used playfully between friends, but if you say it about someone you don't know it could be taken as fighting words.
The word beso originated in Albany, New York.
Paris Hilton is an example of a Beso.
You could say: "What up Beso!" to your girl.
Or you could see some complete trash thatt you can't stand and wisper to your girl: ..."mega Beso"
by # 1 Beso April 05, 2005
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