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A huge ass, wide load, junk in the trunk
Damn that guy has a bertha!
by spencer bamf November 19, 2010
82 93
An annoying roommate of sorts, usually obnoxious, fat, dirty, smelly, rude, and bitchy.
Wow! Bertha did the floor a favor when she showered this morning.

Ah! I wanted to kick Bertha in the face.
by Anti-Bertha League May 03, 2007
270 249
Typical oversized female, always has ginger hair and has terrible dress sense thinking she can wear clothes 5 sizes to small for her.....Don't be near her on a hot day as BO is a big problem amongst Bertha's....
You will always have one within your workplace.
by Alikat July 29, 2004
201 210
a massive 3 litre bottle of cider. usually consumed before gigs and other large sessions of heavy drinkin.
Ste - "you coming down the fally tonite to dance with some goths"

Jim - "yeah man im getting a bertha, do you want one?"

Ste - "fucking right eastbourne style!"
by James Paterson September 21, 2007
85 109
An outdoor place that is used to relax for short breaks, and have a ciggy or too, typically on a nice day
yoooo that bertha we were at was madd chill
by Roadside Stoner March 14, 2009
41 67
this word was created in 1972 by a biker from kings lynn, norfolk to describe BIIIIGGGG WOMEN. so now you know where it came from too. he's quite proud of it too.
that bertha thinks she can fit in a size 20?!!!!!!!!!
by rhiannon smart February 14, 2005
94 122
A blow up doll that is "big boned" and is a french maid
dude 1: i want to go do it with bertha
dude 2: man you need a girlfriend
by sirsex a-lot June 03, 2007
32 71