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A verb pertaining to Bert Lopez, a New Mexico State police officer who was caught having sex with a woman on the hood of his squad car by a private security camera, bert lopezing means:

1., any sexual act involving a police officer.

2., to literally or figuratively be taken behind a building by an authority, bent over backwards, and fucked.

Alt.: bert, lopez, 'pez.

PP.: bert lopezed, berted, lopezed, pezzed.

Ger.: bert lopezing, berting, lopezing, pezzing.
"I totally want to bert lopez that cop groupie."

"I just parked there for like, five minutes, and I got lopezed with a ticket for $200!"

"Oh, the sergeant's off berting some broad, he'll be back in five."
by SCAxman September 01, 2011